Trade Your Trade!

Are you a handyman or woman? A mechanic or massage therapist?

Do you make a mean tamal or Chinese vegetable soup? Rock as a web developer or furniture maker or tailor?

Are you good at keeping the books or housesitting with dogs? Are you a social networking genius?

Do you have a quiet cabin in the woods? Can you help me with my Spanish or teach me neuroscience?

Do you have a fruit tree with more lemons or figs or plums than you can handle alone?

If so, there's a good chance I could use what you've got. Let's work out a trade of services.

Never heard of such a thing? Inspiring people around the world are paving the way for the sharing economy. Learn the ropes with me at websites like

Beauty and Change

I especially love working with artists and activists. Tell me your vision for your work, and if I catch it too, I may be able to offer a special rate for mine.

Reach me at 4 0 8 7 9 6 9 7 0 8 or contact at flourishingedge period com