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Flourishing Edge is a creative project of a carbon-based life form named Brenna Silbory.

About the Specimen

Photo of Evolving Homo Sapiens
Photo by Ryan Somma at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum, 1980.
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic License
An unexceptional specimen of Homo sapiens sapiens, Brenna Silbory's native habitat is Butte County, California, in the region known as the United States, particularly a densely wooded sub-sub-sub-region dubiously named "Paradise." Upon maturing to biological adulthood, she roamed episodically and a trifle fanatically over additional continents, eventually migrating semi-permanently to a habitat densely populated by her subspecies and known in the aggregate as the San Francisco Bay Area. (All of the foregoing adverbs exist expressly to irritate adverb-haters. You know who you are. Let them come out to play every once in a while, for crying out loud.)

The Specimen's Previous Habitat

San José, which fancies itself "The Capital of Silicon Valley," epitomizes a technology-obsessed, suburban culture marked by profound economic and social disparities. In spite of, or perhaps because of, these traits, 40% of its residents hail from other regions (aka "are foreign born"), most notably Mexico, Vietnam, China, the Indian subcontinent, the Phillipines, the Horn of Africa, the Middle East, and just about everywhere else, making it a remarkable study in the commonality and diversity of all Homo sapiens sapiens worldwide.

The physical geography of the habitat is valley-flat, though most inhabitants would be hard-pressed to identify the natural processes responsible for this, nor the significance of its form to its settlement by either the original representatives of the species nor those who came afterward and killed them to take their land.

The specimen's involuntary and painfully awkward WASPy-ness, and her preference for untrammeled wilderness, made this choice of habitats improbable and perhaps ill-advised, but certainly not the most improbable and ill-advised aspect of her life to date.

In May 2016, the specimen moved to Eureka, California. She's swooning. It's gorgeous here and she gets to play outside like the wild creature she is.
Due to a misapprehension of her optimal location in the social fabric of her kind, she pursued a law degree and practiced that vocation for a few years, primarily in the South Bay, specifically, San José. The latter is northern California's largest geographical sub-sub-population of Homo sapiens sapiens and the tenth largest in the United States, in spite of its being overshadowed in the hive mind by its smaller, prettier and more romantic northern neighbor, San Francisco.

Vocationally nomadic for some time, she finally gave up all claim to personal dignity and resigned herself to writing full-time. In that capacity, she has produced 1) a compelling draft novel of a speculative variety, 2) abundant text that compassion dictates she foists upon no one, and 3) an opus of short stories, poetry and essays whose foisting she is gradually acceding to. Flourishing Edge is a sample of the latter work.

Notably, recent years were marked until 2015 by debilitating chronic illness, which explains some, but certainly not all, of her peculiar habits to date. Details of said illness, and recovery therefrom, can be explored ad nauseum at Migraine Island!, although such exploration is probably ill-advised for the well of body and mind.

She did have the good fortune of mating with a more practical creature named Sam, whose good-natured tolerance and indulgent disposition are an unending source of astonishment to observers, particularly the specimen herself. The couple is child-free by choice. Their progeny to date include a hyperactive curr of uncertain biological origin named Scamper, and endless iterations of play and comical misadventures. These frolics may or may not produce anything of lasting value to the specimen's subspecies at large, but there is always hope.

About Flourishing Edge

Drawing from a broad spectrum of life experiences and a suboptimal neurological predisposition for excessive reading, profundity, empathy and the absurd, Flourishing Edge is one manifestation of a nascent writing career inevitably replete with heartbreak and disappointment, yet already dotted with the occasional pockets of delight.

The writer, having endured professional comportment for most of her adult life, is nevertheless still willing to embrace projects of even a serious nature, particularly when they include fair compensation, nothing that grossly impairs her personal ethics, and chocolate. She provides discounts for work that benefits the planet Earth and the people here (these being the subjects of her greatest concern).

She invites her fellow humans to send projects her way that will benefit from her education and experience unique reservoir of paradox, whimsy, and careful analysis.

(She writes less highfalutin stuff, too.)

(You can see an outline of all of Flourishing Edge's contents here.)

You may leave the writer non-threatening messages at 4 0 8 7 9 6 9 7 0 8 or at contact at flourishingedge period com. If you spam her, she might spam you back. So beware.

She has an unenthusiastic track-record with social media due primarily to innate grumpiness and an aversion to flashing lights and obnoxious noises, but if you are unwilling or unable to communicate by other means, you can probably find her in the usual places online, too.

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