Welcome to the Flourishing Edge.

This is a place for writing, and a place where more than one thing can be true. A place where wild vines can tangle into living words. Here we can nudge the awkward divide with one toe and tell it: I'm not so sure. You may be other than as you appear.

The Latest:

Check out my essay, "Black Lives and Good Faith" in the June 14, 2017 edition of the North Coast Journal.

My story "Crossing Off" is featured in the current edition of Noyo River Review. It's a beautiful volume! In awarding the story first prize, judge and gifted storyteller Lori Ostlund writes that it "asks readers to consider whether we are allowing our lives to be determined for us" in an "intriguing, character-driven narrative that offers social commentary a la Kurt Vonnegut."

Read "Hit Man" in the North Coast Journal. The poem relates an encounter I had near my home.

Marginal Frolics

What happens when downtown and the wilderness collide? How might the real and imagined play catch? Read stories and verse that vault the familiar and mundane into the extraordinary and unexpected.

Business Edge

If you need words, I got 'em. Learn more here, or just drop me a line to learn how I can bring a flourishing written edge into the service of your project.

For special rates, match your project to one or more of my passions: see Balancing on the Brink to learn what those are.

Balancing on the Brink

Here are the cliffs of my heart. You know the ones. You have some too. They always stay in view.

Read nonfiction that goes there, that walks the quivering line that leaves us wobbly, gasping for breath. Like time marooned on perilous Migraine Island! or the teetering of our only human habitat, or our shaky embrace of all our own species as kin.